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COVID-19 Updates from Rivergrove Chiropractic

Emergency Appointments Only

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Rivergrove Chiropractic will remain open for Urgent/Emergent cases in accordance with the recent Public Health Order.

To clarify whether your complaint is urgent/emergent, consider the following:

1. Is your pain an incapacitating neuromuscular dysfunction or pain? For example, do your headaches allow you to raise/care your family, or does your back/neck pain leave you unable to function or with severe impairment?

2. Is this a complaint that you worry could get worse if left untreated, or in the case of a current patient, if you stopped treatment, would it negatively affect your outcome (won’t ever heal)?

3. Is your complaint worthy of considering a trip to the ER or Urgent Care Facility nearest you? If so, this type of complaint would also qualify.

4. If you are a Health Care provider suffering from from a musculoskeletal complaint? (Doctor, Nurse, Health Care Aides etc in an acute care setting such as Urgent Care /ER/Clinic)

5.If you have severe musculoskeletal pain or dysfunction. Examples would be pain that prevents you from doing activities of daily living such as walking, sitting, light cleaning, caring for family or self, sleeping, etc.

If you are uncertain if your complaint is Urgent/Emergent, and would like to consult with the doctor, call our office at 2043344141 or email Dr Ron at

If you are on a WCB or MPI claim, both have authorized phone consultations to replace in-office visits in less severe or rehabilitative cases.

Additionally, we have implemented numerous sanitization procedures (in accordance with MCA/Shared Health directives) to keep our community safe during your visit to Rivergrove Chiropractic.

We ask if patients who are on wellness/maintenance plans refrain from visiting our office during this Public Health Order, and until a time when it is safe to resume those visits.

Our Hours will be changing temporarily beginning next week. We will be open :

Monday – Thursday 2-6pm only
Friday 1-5pm
Saturday 10am-12pm

We will continue to re-assess Rivergrove Chiropractic’s role in helping our community through this current crisis, and changes may be made as we move through this unprecedented time.

Stay Healthy Everyone!
Dr Ron

Rivergrove Chiropractic | (204) 334-4141